Apple is paying all the taxes they are legally obligated to pay. But you can spin your own narrative. Haters gonna hate.

Author: Khürt Williams

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  1. Daniel, I don't see taxes as a moral imperative. It's a contract between the government and persons and business entities. I have an LLC and I work with many small businesses. I hiring an account to minimize my legal tax obligations. Apple, Google, and every company do the same. No sane CEO goes before the board and shareholders and says, "We're maximizing our tax liability", and survives.

    I agree with @pratik:

    We cannot force altruistic behaviour. We've to change the laws.

    I'm not sure there is a definition of "altruistic behaviour" that we (the collective we) could agree on. And human can't agree on morals either. It's all subjective.

    NOTE: I apologize for my "haters gonna hate" comment. Apple isn't the only company doing this but they are usually singled out. Why?

  2. I find it curious that you frame this as a “Haters gonna hate” idea, there’s no such animus directing my opinion. Apple can claim they pay all the taxes they are legally obliged to, but that simply isn’t borne out by either what we know about their tax-avoidance on an epic scale, or the report of the European Commission into their naked tax avoidance schemes involving Ireland.
    Moving your domestic profits through a series of tax-shelters might be legally acceptable, but on a moral level it stinks to high dudgeon. Those taxes are what pay for roads, hospitals, fire services, infrastructure. By avoiding paying taxes on their incredible profits, Apple just ensures the continuance of our present Gilded Age, and we all know what happened the last time that occured.

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