YouTube to Make Originals Available for Ad-Supported Free Viewing – Variety by Nitin KhannaNitin Khanna (Nitin Khanna)

But have we ever watched any of the YouTube Originals? No. Not even one. I started one just to see what content they’re creating and I wasn’t impressed and moved on.

I see the same annoying commercials whenever I use YouTube, which isn’t often, but I see the Grammarly commercial every time. I subscribe to Grammarly so this is quite annoying. I think I’ll subscribe and watch via my Apple TV. I’d like to see what the quality of the original content but I’d also like to know what you didn’t like.

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  1. So, I love the fact that ads are gone, and my brother swears that there’s some better algorithm at play for Premium subscribers, so you get exposed to better recommendations (I’ve not seen that happen for me).

    As for the original content, we saw a school-age show called Youth & Consequences and a sci-fi drama called Origin (it’s supposed to be very well rated and stars that Draco Mafloy actor Tom… Felton(?)). In both cases, the dialogue writing seemed either weak or just aimed at a slightly younger audience. Most of the shows on there are definitely aimed at the younger audience. I’ve heard of Cobra Kai and I’m interested in seeing it, but I am sure it’ll also be aimed at YAs.

    So perhaps that’s the problem – YouTube knows it’s audience well and we’re not it.

    Do tell what you see and whether you enjoy it.

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