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Most of my traffic in the past has come from Facebook. Back before Facebook deprecated the API, my photography posts would be automatically cross-posted to Facebook. Friends and family could see my travel or other photographs. Some clicked through to the blog and left comments. Many clicked liked or left comments on the Facebook itself. When I started using IndieWeb plugins I could even pull these responses back to my blog. All that stopped when Facebook deprecated the API. Traffic to the blog has fallen off and I don't make the effort to manually post a link to Facebook.

But what happened when the posts stopped? Nothing.

Same. I am not sure anyone notices that I don't post to Facebook. Is that the algorithm at work or do people just not care?

I’m tired of being Facebook’s fix. I don’t care for it any more.

What took you so long? Facebook only has the power we cede to it by using it. I am no longer angry at Facebook. Facebook is Facebook in the same way my wife is my who she is. Expecting here to change to meet my expectation of who she should be in foolish. Better to accept her as she is and learn to love her as she is. Or leave. Same for Facebook. Leave. Delete the account. I told my friends who complain about Facebook to put up or shut up.

While the company has morphed and plundered and established itself as the place to go to steal access user data, it should know that its main platform is tired and done for.

I don't think so. You are not the majority of Facebook users. When I log into Facebook, the complaints I see about Facebook are from tech geeks. The regular people have spoken. They like Facebook.

I know a lot of people have done this in 2018, but I still have derived some utility from it, so I’m sure it’ll feel somewhat bad to do so.

Define a lot? How did you do this analysis? I think this "Facebook is dead" talk is from a small group of tech nerds who are all in one echo chamber. Facebook is not in decline. Neither is Apple or Google. If you have actually analysis and data to back this up, please share. I have stopped using Facebook as much. My friends continue to use it as heavily as before. I see their timeline posts.

I specifically made it a point to uninstall Facebook (it came preinstalled for some reason), while I did install Instagram.

Facebook owns Instagram and has integrated all the data and analytics into its platform. So how are you signalling Facebook by using Instagram? Do they care about the usage pattern of the singular data point that is Nitin Khanna?

I have a question. What is it that Facebook could do to make money while doing nothing of the things that offend you? Is what you want the same as what the majority of Facebook users want?

Facebook had killed off an ugly experiment it has forced me to be a part of two years – the Facebook marketplace and Video tabs.

And how were you forced into this experiment? You also admitted that you've never used them.

I hope this does not come off as a defence of anything Facebook has done. I'm just trying to understand.

When I have a party at my house I hope that my invited guest understand that they must follow the rules of my house. If they don't like the rules, they are free to leave at any time.

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Why would you want to load a website with a 5000×4000 pixel image? Most people are viewing your website via a mobile browser or a laptop. A 1600 pixel image is more than enough for those screen sizes.

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