With the Coronavirus, Hell Is No Other People

By on March 31st, 2020 in General
With the Coronavirus, Hell Is No Other People by Bill McKibben (The New Yorker)

Everything we can measure, from immune response to the onset of dementia to coronary-artery disease is worsened, often dramatically, in people with fewer friends.

Forget the physical risks, though; it’s the social cost that we should be absorbing, so that we’ll remember it when these days are past. We should use the quiet of these suddenly uncrowded days to think a little about how much we’ve allowed social isolation to grow in our society, even without illness as an excuse.

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2 thoughts on “With the Coronavirus, Hell Is No Other People”

    1. Or too soon for us with anxiety about being inside and not being with our friends because health issues already isolated us for the last 12 weeks of 2019 and we really really need to feel like the end of this hell of isolation is very very very soon.

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