The End of the Path (Level 7 – Challenge)

I love this image on a purely emotional level. It reminds me of the places I visited with my family on the weekend when I was growing up in the British West Indies. This one reminds me of the many beaches on the island of Bequia, where I spent much time as a kid. I remember playing on the beach in front of the bank house with my younger brothers.

Ok. I just started tearing up. The memories of good carefree times in the sun are strong. Whoa!

Based on the EXIF date and what Trey wrote on his site, this image was shot in the Virgin Island (Virgin Gorda) around 7 PM in the evening around sunset. I think it's an HDR but I have no way of knowing for sure. Isn't it great when the sun rises and sets around the same time every day of every year?

I love the way the sun lights the bridge and the beach-plum tree. So golden. So glorious. I can see myself playing on those rocks enjoying the quiet sounds of high tide.

Image by Trey Ratcliff,. One of the images I used for the Level 7 assignment in the Arcanum.

Apprentice is to find 10 photos from at least three different photographers they admire and share them with the community specifically in the “Level 7 – Challenge” category. Additionally, they should talk about why they find the photos interesting or inspirational.

Author: Khürt Williams

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