Zuccotti Park

After a challenging day in the city, Zuccotti Park's serene setting provided a much-needed tranquil contrast.

Following an unsuccessful workday attempt at the Water Street office, my plans to take the New York Waterway Ferry back to Paulus Hook were frustrated by its closure from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM. Left with no alternative, I walked to the PATH entrance at the World Trade Center. The city streets were an unpleasant odorous mix of piss, shit, garbage and ganja.

I unexpectedly discovered the peaceful oasis of Zuccotti Park. In stark contrast to the chaotic surroundings, this refuge offered respite.

Zuccotti Park's light-strewn trees gave me a visual escape from the city's clamour. It was a reminder that moments of peace and unexpected discoveries can be uncovered even in the most bustling of environments.