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1Password 7 and Safari 13

I am disappointed by this news. My family and I have used 1Password for several years. I’ve always paid to upgrade. The upgrade price, a separate purchase for iOS and macOS, was more than the typical app but for the utility that 1Password provided for my family, the pricing seemed fair.

But I don’t see much value in a 1Password subscription. The subscription price is significantly higher than the previous upgrade cost, doesn’t provide additional features that I want, and I am not convinced that I would see significant improvement in the software over the subscription time frame, one year.

However, now I won’t be able to use the software at all in my favourite browser. I have very few good choices. I could switch to another password manager, but the switching cost, time spent migrating all my account information, is high.

I could switch to another browser and keep using 1Password 6, but Google Chrome is anathema to me, and Firefox lacks integration with the operating system.

AgileBits is offering a discount for current 1Password 6 users. I will reluctantly upgrade to 1Password 7 for families and hope they have a better track record of updates and upgrades as Adobe does with their Creative Cloud.


RCDefaultApp is a Mac OS X 10.2 or higher preference pane that allows a user to set the default application used for various URL schemes, file extensions, file types, MIME types, and Uniform Type Identifiers etc.

Choosing my default RSS Reader
I solved a problem created after installing macOS Mojave. In macOS Mojave, Apple removed the ability to set the default RSS reader for macOS. Usually, I could find this setting in the Safari preferences. When macOS Mojave has installed this item in Safari preference was removed. Now whenever I click on an RSS feed link, instead of launching Reeder, the News app is launched. I called Apple support, and after 45 minutes I was told there was no solution. Fortunately, I keep looking. I found the RCDefaultApp app. The RCDefaultApp is a system preference app that allows me to set the defaults handlers for many MIME types including RSS. Power has been restored to this user.