Shit from above

Did People in the Middle Ages Really Throw Fecal Matter Out of Their Windows? by Karl Smallwood (Today I Found Out)

To begin with, particularly in the age when one-story buildings were the norm, tossing your own stink out the window meant you’d have to smell it any time you chose to open said window- not a recipe for a good time in the summer, particularly, but also just a recipe for a crappy time whenever you chose to step out your door… There your poop would be, staring you in the face, perhaps kept company by your neighbors’ latest expulsion. Needless to say, even without laws against such a thing, it’s not surprising that defecating out the window doesn’t seem to have been most people’s go-to location to dump their latest dump.

[exif id="18325"]

I was almost rolling on the floor laughing out loud.