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I’m Working on a New Engine for My Site by Jacky AlcinéJacky Alciné

WebMentions are a modern form of pingbacks for the Web. I’d want my site to handle the parsing, formatting and statistical aggregate of information when it comes to handling WebMentions. It’ll slightly eliminate my need to look into using things like Isso for handling comments - the act of replying could be on any place you find the post in question!

Jacky, if you abandon Isso, how will your new website support comments for people who don't have their own website or who are not using a platform (blogger, Tumblr, wordpress.com) that supports webmentions?

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Doing it Myself (Kinda) - Going Full Freelance by Jacky AlcinéJacky Alciné

After a solid set of days on vacation1, I can finally get cozy with announcing that I’ve turned black.af into a consultancy. You can learn about what kind of stuff I’d be open to and even open up a consultation for any kind of work you’d be interested into. I’ll be updating some of the references on this site to redirect there so it’s more consistent. I’m excited to kick the tires on this after sitting on this idea and notation for about a year now!

Congratulations Jacky!!

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