Post Surgery Update

Thyroid surgery was successful. My neck is still sore and I was on painkillers until Friday but I think I may be back to work by Wednesday.

Thyroid surgery was successful. I was scheduled for surgery on the 17th Monday at 7:30 AM. The surgeons were concerned about my elevated heart rate and body temperature.

My surgery was pushed back while the surgeons conferred. I was moved to a monitoring room to monitor my temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. I put on beta-blockers to reduce my heart rate. I woke up in the recovery room.

My heart rate was still elevated, and my surgeon had me stay in the hospital for 48 hours for observation. My neck and throat area were in intense pain, and my throat hurt. It isn't easy to swallow solid food. My meals are soups and smoothies. But I am recovering quickly. I came home on Wednesday afternoon.

My neck is still sore, and I was on painkillers until Friday, but I may return to work by Wednesday. I'm allowed to drive once I can quickly turn my head, so I will most likely telecommute.

Update: I lost 20lbs in those two weeks. My clothes don't fit.

Life has its trying moments.

Graves Disease Pre-Surgery Update

I met with my surgical team this week. EKG checked out. Blood drawn. Chat with anathesiologist and long chat with nurse to review medications and medications history. Next week I will meet with my primary care physician for one more letter of approval for the surgeon. I should be all set for surgery in a few weeks.

But right now I feel like shite. My throat is swollen and I threw up a few times this morning. Bhavna gave a few ambien and hopefully I'll fall asleep soon. If I am sleeping I won't feel the discomfort of my swollen thyroid.

Waxes and wanes

Ugh! One of the challenges I have with Grave’s disease is with the symptoms of the disease. The swelling in my neck and eyes caused by inflammation of the tissue. This is caused by antibodies attacking the tissues. The level of antibodies rises and falls causing the symptoms to wax and wane. Today has been a difficult day. My neck is swollen. It’s difficult to swallow or talk. The tissues of my eyes are so inflamed that the pressure is causing my eyes to water incessantly. There is nothing I can do about this. Nothing that alleviates the symptoms.