New "Personalized Google" feature

Google has added a new feature to the "Personalized Google" homepage. Googlers can now add a widget to their homepage that will present them with relevant information from Google Video and other Google properties.

What does it mean for Google to be more personalized with Google Accounts?

When you're signed in to Google Accounts, you'll now get more relevant, useful search results, recommendations and other personalized features. For example, if you use Google Bookmarks or Google Search History, you'll get more targeted web search results and recommendations for videos or gadgets. You can easily access these recommendations by adding the "Interesting Items" gadget directly to your personalized homepage.

Embeding video into blog

While searching for a way to embed some home video into my WordPress blogs I came accross this posting from the team. Somehow I missed this. Of course what I really want is Google Video support which I can only assume they MUST be working on. » YouTube Support

The team here is often so heads-down in the whole making-blogging-better we often miss internet trends like the best blonde joke ever or this video site called YouTube. I still don’t get the blonde joke (I was blonde when I was younger) but YouTube I understand: it seems to be a site for people posting videos of themself singing N*Sync songs. Here’s an example.