Having a cold while living with diabetes

It's my second day at home sick. Being sick with diabetes is a bit more challenging for me. Being sick puts my body under stress. To deal with this stress, my body releases hormones that help it fight off the illness. But these hormones raise blood glucose levels and interfere with the blood glucose-lowering effects of insulin. As a result, when I'm sick, it is harder to keep my blood glucose in my target range -- between 70 and 140. I'm looking forward to getting better.

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A Month of Site Changes - Diabetes 365 Day 62 - Dec 6, 2007

I test my blood glucose about 5 - 7 times daily.  Each one of those tests requires a lancet and a test strip.  I take insulin 5 times a day ( 3 Novolog, 2 Levemir ).  Each one of those shots requires a needle.  That's 35-49 test strips and 35 needles in one week.  Or looking at it another way; I punch over 70 holes in my body each week.