Enough with the excuses

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Wow! Riccardo Morri responding to people responding to Joshua Topolsky’s article about Apple.

But enough with this. The real point I want to make here is that there’s something worse than the kind of criticism Topolsky makes. It’s the attitude of those tech writers who make excuses for Apple. Those who always have to find some silver lining even when Apple does something ridiculous like the iPhone X’s notch. Those who respond with But look at the bright side… Those who reassure you that no matter what, Apple has a plan or must have a reason behind this. Those who — sometimes in an involuntarily condescending way — suggest we should be patient and understanding. Apple is notoriously iterative, so it’s gonna get better. Next round. It’ll get better.
Well, no thanks. To hell with this attitude. You feel like paying more than $1,000 for the design experiment that is the iPhone X? Be my guest. You feel like investing time in trying and troubleshooting Mac OS and iOS public betas, having your Mac’s filesystem changed to then have to revert back to the old one because of something-something incompatibilities etc.? To then end up with Golden Master versions that are no less buggy? Feel free to do so[1]. You’re free to rationalise aloud while you do all that, but don’t make excuses for Apple. I expect more. For what I have to pay, I expect more. I expect the striving for excellence that has been touted for years. I expect great products whose premium prices are amply justified by their sheer quality and the guaranteed seamless productivity they provide. I expect the attention to detail. I expect thoughtful design choices. I expect the It Just Works to just work. And I know it’s not asking too much, exactly because these are all things Apple used to provide everywhere, consistently.

They want the thing in the movies.

The people don’t want “tablet computers” with Ubuntu and OpenID (worst name ever for a product attempting broad acceptance). They could honestly give a shit whether it’s a closed or open system. And, let’s be really honest, they probably care as much about DRM as they do about baseball players juicing; by which I mean not very much at all. They want things to work most of the time and be easy to fix when they don’t. And if the process by which it happens is “magic” they are totally cool with that.

They want the thing in the movies.Mike Monteiro

While clearing out the cobwebs in my Evernote notebooks I found this short article by Mike Monteiro.


Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes You Fat. But How?

I could do without the “Carbs Are Killing You” title here, but this is a great infographic demonstrating the true culprit behind a great deal of fat accumulation: carbohydrate intake.

Our cells evolved to use the sugars from starch and carbohydrates far more efficiently than fats. And we also have an intricate signaling mechanism to convert excess carbs to fat quite easily. It’s part of our basic biology.

It’s not just any carbs (liquid carbs - soda - are worse than complex by far) and it doesn’t mean that eating a bunch of fat is safe (your heart can still be quite unhealthy even if you’ve got low body fat). But it does show us why to the idea that the extra-large Coke and fries is just as dietarily dangerous as the burger in your value meal.

I’m not advocating for low-carb diets, but people should know how their metabolism works!

(via Co.Design)