Do Tomatoes Self Seed?

These persistent cherry tomatoes keep coming back to my garden year after year.

An acquaintance and I were chatting on iMessage about all sorts of things – from big pharma and religion to bird snaps and gardening. An odd mix, I know, but that's how my neurodivergent brain likes it.

He popped the question, "Growing any veggies lately?" I mentioned the cherry tomatoes on display in the backyard, and he replied that he hadn't planted any tomato plants this year, but a plant had started growing in the spot where they used to be. I assumed tomatoes were self-seeding, but I did a quick Google search to verify. Yep, I was right.

Self-sowing annuals are those plants that toss their seeds into the garden before calling it quits. Those seeds sprout all on their own the next year. They come back yearly, just like perennials, but it's from their seeds, not their roots. They're playing a game of tag with themselves!

I've had tomato vines in the same spot every year since I put four plants in a couple of years ago. They just won't quit!


Every year since my daughter was a toddler I've planted tomatoes. She absolutely loves the fruit which she called “tumtums” because she couldn’t pronounce the word. Each year I plant something different but her favourite is the honey cherry tomatoes. I just love the look on her face as she stuffs her mouth full of red juicy ripe fruit.

I was a little nervous about our crop this year. I started seeding a little late and I made the mistake of planting directly into the planting bed instead of seeding inside in small pots. As you can see nature has been quite forgiving and our tomato plants are showing signs of a bountiful summer crop. We have about eight plants so I’m sure we'll have enough to share.