Khürt, Shane, and Bruce

Another photograph from Mom’s photo album.

Mom remembers that this photograph was taken in the backyard of the rental house we lived in when Dad was the manager of the Barclays Bank branch in Antigua. The house lies atop a hill in an area called Blue Waters.

We moved from St. Lucia to Antigua in 1978, staying until 1983, before we moved to St. Vincent. I would have been about eleven or twelve years old, depending on the time of year the photograph was taken. Mom thinks the little boy in the picture is a neighbour, Seam Bowman.

Antigua gets very little rainfall. I remember that the side lawn tilted downhill and was always parched and looked like straw with patches of dirt in between. Still, the backyard was fun to play games, chase anole lizards, poke at hermit crabs, or kick around a soccer ball. I don’t remember this specific day, but we enjoyed many like it. No shoes are required.

I’m curious about the t-shirts we wore when this photograph was taken. My younger brother Shane is wearing a t-shirt with a fake tuxedo design, but the print quality is too poor to make out what is on my t-shirt and Bruce’s t-shirt.

I have no idea what camera or film stock was used to capture this image. The back of the print says THIS PAPER MANUFACTURED BY KODAK.