March 16, 2011 - Experiment

I'v been bored with the things I've been shooting. I feel like I'm not putting much effort into capturing images that I feel passionate about. I wanted to try something different. Something a little random.

?I was home dealing with a bout of vertigo. The post nasal drip caused by my allergies pooled fluid into my ear upsetting my balance. I did not want to venture out lest I lose my balance, fall over and get hurt. So I took my camera into the back yard, put it down near the ground and clicked away. I got a lot of blurry images but this one was the best of the lot.

2018-09-10 22.14.15

Simply put, Apple is defining the emerging tablet space. It won’t feel the heat for a while yet, and even when (and if) it does, I doubt it’ll go the route of mimicking its competitors to stay in the game. That’s not something Apple’s done in the past, and as long as Jobs is in charge, I believe it’ll go the route of innovation before it chooses to passively fall in step with the rest of the industry.

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