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We’re going to think of AI as our friends when they’re not

Bruce Schneier write that we need to mindful about how we assign our trust to AI

Corporations are not moral; they are precisely as immoral as the law and their reputations let them get away with.

But they are not our friends. Corporations are not capable of having that kind of relationship.
We are about to make the same category error with AI. We’re going to think of them as our friends when they’re not.

Manuel Moreale thinks that we need fewer new technologies

We don’t need more technology. Technology won’t fix human behaviour. We need kindness, we need compassion, we need a willingness to interact honestly with strangers online. That’s not something you can solve with a better protocol. We simply have to fight the good fight, day after day, trying our best to make the web a better place.

Zsolt Benke remembers a time when Adium allowed us to use one app to chat with our friends. In 2006, I wrote about how I did it.

I remember when we had Adium and you could connect almost all of your chat services to one client.
- Some features were missing, but the basic texting part usually worked.

Author: Khürt Williams

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