Slavery in History

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I typed in “what year was french slavery abolished” in the Google search box and discovered this link. I foudn the answer to my question and whole lot more.

What fascinated me was that the Europeans abolished slavery or the slave trade almost 80 years before the USA. Fucking Denmark and Norway banned slavery sixty years before the United States. The British abolish slavery 30 years before the The Emancipation Proclamation. And it still didn’t stick!!!!

1865-1920 Following the American Civil War, hundreds of thousands of African Americans are re-enslaved in an abusive manipulation of the legal system called “peonage.” Across the Deep South, African-American men and women are falsely arrested and convicted of crimes, then “leased” to coal and iron mines, brick factories, plantations, and other dangerous workplaces. The system slows down after World War I but doesn’t fully end until the 1940s.

It’s as though part of the United States was convinced that slavey was ok and intent on treating human beings as livestock.

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