Not my season

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Let the spirit of the season shine!

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This isn't our holiday season. Quite frankly it's a Christian time of year. I wish more of the people I encountered would acknowledge that. I wish they would stop asking questions like "what are you doing for Christmas". The question itself assume everyone celebrates. Sometimes I feel like asking "what do you do for Ramadan" or "what do you do for Chanukah"?

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Ever since our kids were born we’ve struggled with what to do for Christmas. Christmas is … well, Christ’s Mass. The Chinese restaurant is always open for Christmas and so are the movie theatres. So that's what we'll do. Maybe I'll see you there. Bah, humbug.

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But it is also not my season in other ways. I hate the cold. But I like cold drinks. But it's the season for hot drinks. But I can have my favorite hot drink, coffee, anytime of the year.

And the snow creates commuting challenges. Driving to work home is slow and dangerous. One mistake and you're in an accident. In the cold and snow. Then at the end of the workday you have the unfortunate work of clearing snow from your car so you can drive home.

As you can tell, I'm not in a good mood. I dropped my Nikon last weekend. I discovered yesterday that the hinge for the mirror is broken. I don't think I can repair it. The camera is quite old and not worth paying someone to repair. My iPhone 7 can do some things well. But it's not what I want to use. Before this happened I had planned on replacing my Nikon. But not now. Now I have no choice.

It's not my season.

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