Re-Discovering Your Family

As anyone can see, the vast majority of names on this list are still commonplace in St Vincent and the Grenadines today.

The information is in a format which would enable Vincentians whose surname appears on the list to be able to search forward from 1829 to the present, hopefully, in order to discover, a little bit of their family history and the role their family may have played in the progression of the nation. For most individuals, they will quickly become frustrated by this undertaking in that the place to do this type of research is the Registry in Kingstown.

As the historian, Anatol Leopold Scott has pointed out -

Unfortunately, there you will be confronted with mostly insurmountable roadblocks in terms of incomplete or unavailable information or a demonstration of lack of interested service by many so­called civil servants

I traced some my family ancestry, at least the maternal ancestry that settled in the Grenadines, back to coastal sections of Scotland and France. It took several years of cross-comparing family records of every aunt, uncle, great uncle, great aunt, cosine and second cousin that I could find to cooperate in the project. I never once considered the St. Vincent Registry because I did not know it existed until just last week. When (if?) I have the opportunity to return to St. Vincent in the near future I will certainly give the Registry a try. I am interested in the following family names (particularly McLaren):

Author: Khürt Williams

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