Put a Tesla in Ludicrous mode

Liked Nikon Expectations | DSLRBodies | Thom Hogan (dslrbodies.com)
What to expect from Nikon in the short term
  NIKON D5100  @ 12mm  , ISO 100  , 6s  , ƒ/8  by Khürt L. Williams  on 3 September, 2015 

Nikon needed a DX mirrorless entry a year ago. They could have launched with only a couple of lenses and a lens road map and done just fine. Now they’re racing from behind. Far behind.

Nikon needed an FX mirrorless entry this buying season. One that deals with the D6xx/Df crowd and could hold serve against any upcoming Sony A7 Mark III. That, too, could have launched with a couple of lenses and a lens road map and done just fine.

So we’re about to see if Nikon has a miracle accelerator in their arsenal. Don’t laugh. Put a Tesla in Ludicrous mode and it will smoke any Detroit entrant so bad you might have time to walk out on the course to see if the gas eater is still coming. Technology can change the game.

If he’s correct, perhaps it’s a good thing my Nikon broke.

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