Prince Charles and Camilla visit country whose prime minister wanted to replace Queen with president as head of state (ITV News)

Ralph Gonsalves, who has been in power since 2001, backed a 2009 referendum to have the Queen replaced with an elected president but a majority of voters rejected the proposal.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall arrived in the Commonwealth country for the latest leg of their Caribbean tour.

Waiting to meet the couple at the bottom of the steps of the RAF Voyager ministerial jet was the country’s Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, the Queen’s representative in the country.

Nearby was the Commonwealth nation’s Mr. Gonsalves – known as Comrade Ralph to many in his country.

Mr. Gonsalves has forged ties with Cuba, Venezuela and Iran as he has tried to diversify the economy away from banana production.

The referendum was put to the vote and defeated. I guess my birthplace is still a democracy then. Comrade Ralph has not yet turned into “Little Cuba.” Intentionally forging ties with Venezuela and Iran is like inviting the head of the KKK to your political rally while running for election to President of the United States.

Prince Charles
Photo: Jane Barlow/PA

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