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Precious Moments

2020 was supposed to be the year I got my life back after major surgery in 2018, death of my dad and two eye surgeries in 2019, and then the death of Bhavna's dad this year. A lot of people travelled in 2018 and 2019. I travelled between work, hospital beds, and home. In 2020, Bhavna and I were going to take some time off work and travel, finally. But the universe decided we need one more year of shit and we sheltered-in-place dealing with a global pandemic. For the Lens Artist challenge, I was challenged to find few precious moments in the last few years.

Jasmin, Jeff, Renee and Rose stand while I ring the bell on the last day of treatment | FujiFilm X-T2 | XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR @ 26.6 mm | f/5.6 | ISO8000

I would define precious moments as those moments throughout life that leave an emotional impression; moments that are easily remembered and are often retold as stories. Stories that start with "remember when ...". I scanned through my Lightroom catalogue for 2020. Nada. How could there be? Yet, there are a few moments I smiled. Less than a handful.

watching Jurassic Park with “the boys"
Watching Jurassic Park in the backyard with my nephews. | 25 July, 2020 | Day 295 | Apple iPhone 11 Pro | iPhone 11 Pro back triple camera 4.25mm f/1.8

Frankly, there is very little about 2020 that I want to remember. The entire year was absolutely shit. I am happy to leave it behind. In 2020, the days blurred one into the other, no difference between them, until no one day or and only a few moments were memorable or significant. But then again, from a 2020 perspective, any moment is precious. I'm not dead.

Either you are the photographer or the subject. I am always the one holding the camera. Photos of me are rare. There were a few moments, just a few, that Bhavna and I shared in 2020. But again, I was the one holding the camera.

Feet, Beach Scene
August 2020 | FujiFilm X-T2 | XF27mmF2.8 | Kodak Portra 160 Film Simulation

Submitted for the 100DaysToOffload project.

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