Online Backup with Amazon S3 and MacFUSE

Online Backup with Amazon S3 and MacFUSE 2752535413 d84f6df1cf mI just signed up for an S3 after reading a great review of JunleDisk on a Mac blog. My first thought was this would be a good candidate for development for the MacFUSE project ran by Google Code. They have already implemented SSH and Spotlight in FUSE and are testing others. I can mount the file system on my FreeNAS or mac mini from my MacBook using the MacFUSE SSHFS. Now imagine if FUSE was ported to Windows? The the issue of setting up Samba or NFS or FTP or whatever would be moot. For Linux/UNIX boxen we would just turn on SSH providing remote login as well as remote file system mounting. For Windows we would use some FUSE file-system for CIFS/SMB and mount away. I think Apple would do well to integrate FUSE into the next release of OS-X (Leopard). Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, sits on Apple’s board so maybe we’ll see some serious development here.

UPDATED: To fix broken image and link.

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