NwAvGuy and the Objective 2 ODAC

NwAvGuy: The Audio Genius Who Vanished by David Schneider

An anonymous engineer created some of the best DIY audio designs—and his fans want to know where he went


“I don’t want any revenue from the O2,” NwAvGuy wrote on his blog, “but I do humbly request everyone please respect the license, which includes proper attribution.” But the particular open-source license he applied—Creative Commons CC BY-ND—requires more than just proper attribution: It forbids derivative works. This is different from most open-source projects, which are released with the intent of letting others build on the original, perhaps improving things and, in any event, ensuring that useful designs will not languish if the creator goes bankrupt, loses interest, or otherwise moves on.

A few years ago I researched this and wanted to purchase from one of the two suppliers. I never did and forgot about it until recently. It's back on my birthday wish list.

Author: Khürt Williams

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