Flying Fish NJ350 and Griggstown Farm Burgers

Today I dropped in at the Montgomery Friends Farmers' Market. It's my summer ritual. Drop in, grab some local farm produce, chat with the vendors and come home.

Olympus E-M1 + LUMIX G VARIO 12-35/F2.8 @ (35 mm, 0.006 sec at f/2.8, ISO200), © Khürt L. Williams

I usually get some sausages from Griggstown Farms. Today I noticed that they also offered chicken and turkey burgers. Well, my son Shaan is no longer eating beef, and it's the Independence Day weekend. So I picked up a pack of chicken burgers and a pack of turkey burgers with caramelised onions.

Five minutes ( each side ) on the grill, two slices or New Jersey tomatoes, a slice or two of avocado and-and I had a delicious lunch.

I washed it down with a pint (or two) of Flying Fish NJ350.

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Montgomery Township, New Jersey, United States of America

Author: Khürt Williams

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