May 25th, 2011 – Perspective is important

May 25th, 2011   Perspective is important 20110525 NIKON D40 8368 HDR 920x611

It’s interesting how our perspective, our point of view, changes our understanding of things. In this case, 5 feet changes the view from a spot of green fuzz near my toes, to a grassy knoll. Did the truth of what is really there change? No, this patch is still just common moss. But get down near the ground; lie out on the grass, and things look a lot difference.

Life can be like that sometimes. I pass a colleague in the hallway expecting a good morning. I smile and say hi but they walk on by. The don’t smile back at me. “What’s up with him? Why was he so rude?” Talk it over with another colleague who suggests the other colleague didn’t hear you. You think it over and suddenly remember a little detail. He was wearing earphones when he walked by. He couldn’t hear you over the music. Perspective.

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