In the past I have recommended the Ladders web site as a place for highly paid professionals to search for high paying job postings and get inside access to top recruiters. However, my experience today led me to question my recommendation. I contacted the Ladders about my frustration in being able to contact recruiters directly — they don’t allow it — or find out which company had posted the job. The support person brushed me off so I did some research.

I found out the the Ladders lost a class action law-suit in 2013. The suit claims that:

“From its inception until September, 2011, TheLadders scammed its customers into paying for its job board service by misrepresenting itself to be ‘a premium job site for only $100k+ jobs, and only $100k+ talent.’ In fact, TheLadders sold access to purported ‘$100k+’ job listings that (1) did not exist, (2) did not pay $100k+, and/or (3) were not authorized to be posted on TheLadders by the employers.”

The I did some Google foo using the keyword “The Ladders Review” and found mostly negative reviews.

I apologize to anyone who has used The Ladders based on my recommendation. I should have know better. I should have known something was wrong when I paid for a résumé critique and rewrite and then two years later, when TheLadders offered a free critique of that same unchanged resumed, a different the reviewer wrote that my résumé needed a lot of work.

The Court ruled that the plaintiff “has sufficiently pleaded a claim that the defendant breached the June 2010 Terms of Use.” The Court also ruled that facts pleaded by the plaintiffs “give rise to a plausible inference that the allegedly deceptive transaction occurred in New York,” and that the plaintiffs have standing to assert claims under the law.Ask The Headhunter® | Nick Corcodilos

I have cancelled my Premium membership and will use LinkedIn’s free job search tools.