Google Duplex and Axios

What Google isn't telling us about its AI demo by Dan Primack

Axios asked Google for the name of the hair salon or restaurant, in order to verify both that the businesses exist and that the calls were not pre-planned. We also said that we'd guarantee, in writing, not to publicly identify either establishment (so as to prevent them from receiving unwanted attention).

A longtime Google spokeswoman declined to provide either name.

We also asked if either call was edited, even perhaps just cutting the second or two when the business identifies itself. And, if so, were there other edits? The spokeswoman declined comment, but said she'd check and get back to us. She didn't.

So we sent a new message, this time also copying another member of Google's communications team. The spokeswoman replied by saying she'd get right back to us.

That was more than a day ago.


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  • kOoLiNuS
    18th May 2018 at 10:32 AM

    Probably he, too, speak to a Google Bot instead of a person…

    Also, it seems to naive to expect correctness from such a tech Giant 🙁

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