Round up of Fujifilm X-T3 Reviews

After many years of indecision, I recently dumped my Nikon APS-C gear and bought a Fuji X-T2 so I won't soon be in the market for a new camera. It's great that Fuji keeps pushing the envelope for APS-C cameras.

The X-T3 is an amazing camera. It’s a true next generation APS-C sensor and processor in what has been tested as a perfect enclosure. Brand new on the inside, same on the outside. It has incredible speed bumps in regards to tracking, burstshooting, overall speed and rendering and the videospecs are really quite impressive. But what is more important to me is the added dynamics to the image quality. The X-T3 is a very serious mirrorless camera. And with ins conception I see no reason why I would buy a full frame mirrorless camera.—Jonas Rask

All in all, I am very happy what Fujifilm has achieved with its new flagship. Unfortunately, I did not have too much time for testing it (I know this time is always too short) but I can honestly say that I am positive surprised about the X-T3 and will look forward getting it into my camera bag once it will be available (which should be around September 24th). With the X-T3 you get a powerful camera that definitely can compete with a DSLR in the same range. If you were wondering why I have not written anything about the film features, which have been updated as well compared not only to the X-T2, but also to the X-H1, I simply haven’t had the time on the one side and on the other side I leave this to the specialists who have a better knowledge about it.—

I have shot with a lot of other mirrorless systems, and while other manufacturers are stripping away physical dials, like Sony, Nikon, and Canon with their newly announced mirrorless cameras, Fujifilm is planting their feet firmly in the ground in a way that makes me extremely happy. Because in reality, it means EVERYTHING to the way that I shoot. Between the operation speeds, improved low light performance, and autofocus improvements this is a total win. And the already small gap between APS-C and full frame is all but closed in my opinion.

“Impressive… MOST impressive.—”Bryan Minear

Author:Khürt Williams

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