Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

This Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout a recommendation from the owner of the local liquor store. I'm not sure why he recommended it. He insisted this was a rare and highly rated stout and that he was only allowing customers to buy one or two at a time. I rate this "Drain It".

I may get some flack for that but I really don't believe in food ratings. Each of us had unique taste buds. My wife is nothing like me. There are some foods that we both enjoy but there are some that I could never get her to like. So why do we insisting on paying attention to beer ratings?

In some ways, it's quite snobbish. A few "select" people tried something and collectively agreed that food item "X" is a 97 but food item "Y" is not. I am expected to believe that this select group of people has "better" taste buds than mine. That what they like is what I should like. And if I can't experience the item the way they did, then something must be wrong with me. Well, with my taste buds anyway.

I reject that idea. If I don't like something I am going to say so. If you think that makes my palate unrefined, that "it's an acquired taste", then so be it. I don't think your taste buds are superior to mine. I think you think you are superior to me.

I will no longer accept beer recommendation unless I know what the person doing the recommendation likes to drink or eat. This will help reduce the chances of a poor recommendation.

I didn't pour the Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout down the drain. I forced my way through it.