Cheese! Snap, edit and post in an instant.

Cheese! Snap, edit and post in an instant. 2012 12 25 21.41.05

It sometimes amazes the tools I have at my fingers tips for doing things that a few years ago just were not possible. This photo of my two month old niece was taken last night. Her aunties were having a great time dressing her up. I quickly grabbed my Nikon and fired off a few shots. Babies aren’t the most co-operative subjects so this is the best photo of the few I shot. The aunties ( and uncles ) loved the photograph so I was obliged to share.

A few years ago, sharing would have meant, waiting until I got home to import the photo to my computer, doing some selective editing, launching the email app and sending off an attachment. But now, now I can do that entire process in just a few minutes.

The process was quick and simple. I attached the iPad Camera Connection Kit to my iPad and imported the photo to the Photos apps. I then edited the photo in [Snapseed](, cropping and adding some selective blurring. I saved the processed image back to the Photos apps and added it to an existing [Photo Stream]( — one I had created a few weeks after my niece was born. The Photo Stream is shared with all the immediate family[^1]. If the family member has an iPhone or iPad ( there is at least one in each household ) with [iCloud]( enabled they get a notification. If that family member has Mac with iPhoto[^2] they can sync a copy of the photo to their library. Even better, if they have an [Apple TV]( they can watch the photos via their big flatsceen HDTV. Family members who haven’t become wise to Apple products can still view the photos via a … browser.

I could have taken the photo with my iPhone 5 and shared directly with them but I wanted to use the more powerful features of my DSLR. The iPad, iCloud and the iPad Camera Connection Kit enabled me to make my DSLR photography as instant as I want it to be.

[^1]: I could just have easily shared the photo to Facebook but Photo Stream allows the full resolution image to be downloaded. I also don’t have to be concerned about privacy.
[^2]: OS X Mountain Lion, iPhoto ’11, and a free iCloud account are required.

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