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Not a Christmas tree?

We don't celebrate Christmas. My wife is Hindu and I'm a Deist. We're raising our kids with Hindu traditions but allowing them to find their own path. When our kids started school we made a pointed decision to teach them about Hindu traditions and customs to help give them a cultural identity. This is important to children especially when they are surrounded by a more dominant culture. We started celebrating Diwali with Bhavna's family. The Hindu calendar is based on…

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Cheese! Snap, edit and post in an instant.

It sometimes amazes the tools I have at my fingers tips for doing things that a few years ago just were not possible. This photo of my two-month-old niece was taken last night. Her aunties were having a great time dressing her up. I quickly grabbed my Nikon and fired off a few shots. Babies aren't the most co-operative subjects so this is the best photo of the few I shot. The aunties ( and uncles ) loved the photograph…

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