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... I want to keep the positive themes going this week with something that is the antithesis of much that happens in the world around us: Build! After all, building a better society, where we can build each other up and build on past successes to newer ones, we can build on that!
  NIKON D5100  @ 35mm  , ISO 100  , 1/60s  , ƒ/6.3  on 4 December, 2017 

The day started off badly. The alarm went off at 6 AM and I hit the reset button. But unlike most weekday mornings, instead of hopping out of bed to prepare for the workday, I someone fell back asleep. I woke up 35 minutes later panicked when I realised what time it was. I looked out the window, noted the heavy fog covering the area, but went about washing my face.

My daughter knocked and entered the room. “Why didn’t you wake me?”, she said. Crap, not you too! I promised to drive her to school.

We got ready and walked to the car. Breakfast would have to wait. The car was covered with a thin sheet of frozen moisture. Scrape, scrape.

The road leading to the school was backed up. I guess we weren’t the only households who overslept.

The drive to work wasn’t unpleasant. I stopped in at the 7-11 on the corner near the office and got myself a cup of coffee and a food bar.

I pulled into the parking lot. I still did not have a photo for Frank’s weekly challenge. But the scene before held some interest.

I noticed the large rocks in the empty lot. There is a story there but I don’t know what it might be. When I started working at this location several years ago the lot was empty. I can’t tell if a structure once stood here and was demolished and the empty space and rocks are the remains. Or are the rock’s building material for a new building over an old one. I don’t know.

Un build Un build NIKON D5100 20171204 1600x688  NIKON D5100  @ 35mm  , ISO 720  , 1/250s  , ƒ/6.3  on 4 December, 2017 

Un build Khurt Williams black hiresdesktop copy 1

Created by photographer Frank Jansen, the Tuesday Photo Challenge is a weekly theme-based challenge for photographers of all kinds to share both new and old photography.

Un build NIKON D3 D3S7474 20131207 500

Husband, father, information security professional and avid photographer living at the junction of Montgomery Township, Rocky Hill and Princeton Township, New Jersey.

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