Tuesday Photo Challenge - Bloem Bloom

bloom, orchid, flower
Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bloom by jansenphoto (dutchgoesthephoto.net)

A flowering moment!

The Tuesday Photo Challenge is a weekly theme-based challenge for photographers of all kinds to share both new and old photography. This week's theme is bloom.

The first full week of March has brought warmer blustery winds and rain. New Jersey was experiencing a drought for the last few months so the rain is welcome. However, the warmer than usual weather has caused the cedar and juniper to pollinate the air. Allergy season is here, one month earlier than I expected, causing me misery. Things will only get worse as the birch, oak and maple release pollen into the air in the weeks to come.

I know there is a lot of tree pollen about but, with the except of crocus, I have yet to see any flowers. I have crocus growing in my garden but I suspect they may be done for the season. They started blooming two weeks ago.

But back to the challenge keyword. The Dutch the word for flower is bloem, which is pronounced bloom. So the title of this post, bloem bloom, is a play on words. The image in this post is a flower in full bloom.

[exif id="25367"]

It's an orchid that I've been growing for a year. It doesn't bloom often but I love these tiny flowers. Orchids can be difficult to grow. The plant is adapted to growing on the sides of tropical rocks and trees. Hence, it depends on rainfall for moisture. In a plant pot, the plant can rot.


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