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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bird (Dutch goes the Photo!)

As I was looking through some of my images to come up with an idea for this week, I came across one that made me chuckle, so I jumped on it! In this rather simple image, the seagull stands proud with that kind of look that seagulls seem to have perfected over the years. Therefore, I’m throwing you the theme of Bird!

[exif id="32447"]

A few years ago, Bhavna and I hiked the Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve with her sister and our two young nephews. I think everyone had fun and enjoyed the spectacular fall foliage that was on display. I know my sister-in-law was impressed because she and her husband asked me to do some family portraits in the preserve this weekend.

The weather this week has been cold in the morning (5ºC), warmer during the day (22ºC), and then back to being cold in the evening (12ºC).

I haven’t seen any birds and if I have, I have not noticed them. A few years ago I hung two bird feeders from a tree in the backyard. I was diligent about keeping the feeder filled. The birds discovered the feeders and soon I had a steady number of birds singing and eating breakfast with me in the morning. My wife started to complain that she was buying bird food every week for “my birds”.

Bird[exif id="32448"]

I don’t know if they really were the same ones each time, but I felt like I knew the personalities of certain of the birds. I would stand in the window and watch them fly back and forth from the trees in the woods just past the fence. I noticed that the bird feeder I filled a few weeks ago is empty but I don’t hear the early morning birdsong anymore. I don’t know if the birds have all gone further south or waiting for the air to warm up before venturing out. I don’t see any birds before I leave for work in the morning.

The office building where I work is just a few miles from the Trenton waterfront along the Delaware River. Over the few years I have worked there I have observed that seagulls like to hang out on the rooftop or on the top of parking lot lamps. During the summer, it was not unusual to find bird guano splattered on my car. I assume the birds gather here because finding food is easy. There are a supermarket and several restaurants nearby. Perhaps they eat food dropped by the nurses who like to eat while sitting in their cars.

Bird[exif id="32449"]

I have seen any seagulls the last few weeks.

There are no birds in this photos because no birds were to be seen. Until the geese start migrating from Canada the skies over my area are devoid of birds. The trees are silent.

Instead, enjoy the long exposure light art created by my nieces and nephews. They had sparklers for celebrating the start of the Hindu New Year. I think that the edges of the light looked feathery.


Created by photographer Frank Jansen, the Tuesday Photo Challenge is a weekly theme-based challenge for photographers of all kinds to share both new and old photography.

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