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Apple Virtual Event

Apple is hosting a virtual special event tomorrow at 10 a.m. PDT. The expectation of some tech writers is that the event will be focused on the Apple Watch and iPad. Is it okay to "meh"?

Over time, I realised that chasing after the latest and greatest tech is not a fair use of money and the excitement of owning that tech wears off quickly. I have an iPad that does what I want it to do. When it no longer can do what I want it to do, I will replace it. Likewise, I have no use for an Apple Watch. It does nothing I need doing.

I don't do illegal drugs; I never have. But I imagine doing drugs is a bit like buying new tech. Once the initial rush of the acquisition has worn off, the buyer is left feeling down.

I plan on attending tomorrow's event purely for information. I'm not very interested in what new thing Apple thinks we need our iPads. I am interested in learning about Apple's new ARM processor-based devices and how Apple will transition from Intel. And I want to know the dates. My late 2013 iMac is ageing. It still works, but I am concerned that Big Sur won't run. I will want a new iMac, but I don't want to purchase an Intel Mac if ARM-based Macs are the next evolution of the Mac.

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Author: Khürt Williams

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