PhoneBoy abandons

A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog with Micro.Blog by PhoneBoy (The PhoneBoy Blog)

Update 25 September 2018

I have decided to discontinue using as, while I like the concept, the implementation and the community are not what I'm looking for. I will leave this post up as-is in case it helps someone, but I currently have no plans to update it.

I started following PhoneBoy after he posted this incredibly detailed article, update frequently, on how to integrate into an existing WordPress blog.

Keep in mind just because you host your own content doesn't mean you can do what you want if you want to participate in the community. While I have no intention of violating the community guidelines, the way "abuse" gets treated is very much the same way Twitter and Facebook handle it.
I highlight this because while you may be escaping the toxicness that exists on Facebook and Twitter by using, you are not escaping oversight of your communications. You are merely changing who is performing that oversight.

I deleted my account just a few weeks ago. Based on the last section of the post, I think our deletion decision was based on similar criteria.