Openings for action

When setbacks, missteps, and failures occur, instead of getting stuck in a downward spiral (which can sometimes be the worst kind of stuck), we course-correct, discover, and create magic along the way—improvisational flexibility becomes an essential art. Failures become a platform, a ladder, a means to fulfill the game we’ve taken on, and what it gives birth to, and what it attracts, what we can make happen, has the power to reshape the course of events.

Barry Grieder, Landmark Forum leader via Landmark Insights: Games worth playing and openings for action | Landmark Insights

I’m struggling with this right now. I feel that I’m not making progress toward my goals. Perhaps I could let go of trying to control the outcomes and embrace the journey. I could then be more relaxed and then be able to see what course corrections are possible to steer back toward the goal.

My GoDaddy Bookkeeping Experience

Last year I started consulting again. As in the past, I chose to go the independent route and formed an LLC. I wanted an easy way to invoice my clients, track expenses and cash flows, and create reports for taxes. I tested several solutions before settling on a combination of Freshbooks and GoDaddy Bookkeeping. At the time Bookkeeping did not support invoicing but and Freshbooks did not have any sort of tax features. Freshbooks integrated with my bank and business credit card and could import expenses and deposits and Bookkeeping automatically categorized transactions according to IRS approved Schedule-C tax lines. I needed both. I paid for both. It was expensive.

Over the last year GoDaddy added a very capable invoicing feature. So just before it was time to renew the service I decided to connect GoDaddy to my online accounts. I had no problems linking the business credit card account. However, when it came time to link the business checking account I ran into some issues. I opened a ticket with GoDaddy. This is a screen shot of part of the conversation with GoDaddy support.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

I was stunned. Why? Here’s what the GoDaddy Bookkeeping web site promised.

Easy Bookkeeping

I am angry. How useful (or easy) is a business accounting service if “most business accounts are not supported”? Is GoDaddy targeting businesses that are so badly organized they use personal accounts? I want to close the account. But I like the tax accounting feature. Freshbooks doesn’t have this and now cost more than Bookkeeping. So I’m stuck with exporting information (QFX from my business checking account and importing into Bookkeeping.

So much for :

There is nothing to download, install, or update. Ever.

Patching my light bulb?

Martin McKeay on the Internet of Things.

It’s interesting to watch the ‘what we can do’ run amok with little or no regard for ‘what we should do’. Martin McKeay