Doing our best creative work is never easy

Doing our best creative work is never easy. But when we live in a culture where instant gratification is celebrated and stories of “overnight success” are on every headline, it can lead to disillusionment regarding our own work and creative process. We see these compressed, linear stories like Noah is talking about, and we see those as the ideal for our own work. But, as Noah points out, there’s so much to the story we don’t see.

I’m taking a photography course to up my game but … it’s not going well.  I need to remind myself.  All in good time.  Slow and steady.

I regretted leaving the DSLR at home

I noticed the colour in the sky as soon as I walked out the door. I hesitated momentarily, making the quick decision to continue without my camera. I was running a bit late and didn’t want to get stuck behind the school bus. I regretted my decision.

"Carnegie Lake" Winter Sunrise iPhone vividHDR Princeton

I pulled into the parking area near the small boat house. I shot this one on my iPhone 6 using vividHDR. The one below was shot using the native iPhone 6 camera app. I also did some minor editing in Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

"Carnegie Lake" Winter Sunrise iPhone Princeton

I had stopped carrying my DSLR kit with me because with winter, I expect the weather to be bad. I also know that I will be well on my way to work when the sun starts to rise. I know I will be driving home in the dark. I know that the area where I work, it is unsafe to walk around with an “expensive” camera.

They want the thing in the movies.

Grand National Theatre of China

The PhotoWalk Egg in China by Trey Ratcliff. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The people don’t want “tablet computers” with Ubuntu and OpenID (worst name ever for a product attempting broad acceptance). They could honestly give a shit whether it’s a closed or open system. And, let’s be really honest, they probably care as much about DRM as they do about baseball players juicing; by which I mean not very much at all. They want things to work most of the time, and be easy to fix when they don’t. And if the process by which it happens is “magic” they are totally cool with that.

They want the thing in the movies.Mike Monteiro

While clearing out the cobwebs in my Evernote notebooks I found this short article by Mike Monteiro.