Hi Daniel,

Outside of Austin and Atlanta, I don’t feel safe living anywhere in the Southern USA. The general lack of acceptance of people who don’t fit the culture's idea of "normal" is one reason among many. All of our friend and family (dark-skinned people) who moved to North Carolina all moved back.

Restaurants are open in New Jersey, but the CDC considers dining indoors to be higher risk. The new SARS-Cov2 variants spread more easily and quickly. It's winter in New Jersey and dining outside is an uncomfortable option. We'll have to wait for Spring so we can go back to outdoor dining.

We had a relatively short lockdown compared with NJ.

Yeah. That is not smart.

SC has higher numbers than NC because they are more lax.

Even less smart.

Our house has had daylight CFL ( and now LEDs) since we moved in 20 years ago. I also take large amounts of vitamin D supplements. It doesn’t work as well on dark skin.