Zero Gravity Brewing Cone Head American IPA

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My wife and I were in Vermont last weekend dropping our daughter off to a summer retreat. The drive to Greensboro was almost 7 hours. We decided that doing the trip in one day would be too tiring so booked a room in Winooski and drove up the day before. Since check-in was at 3PM we took the opportunity to visit downtown, Burlington. But not before I dropped in at a Winooski beer retailer and picked up beer from local brewers including the famous Heady Topper. We were only allowed to purchase one four-pack.

We had dinner at Pascolo Ristorante in Burlington and then dropped in at Zero Gravity to try a flight. Why Zero Gravity? I wanted to try the Summer Gruit Ale which I found by looking at the nearby tab in Untappd. A long time ago before the discovery of hops and German beer purity laws, beer was made with an herbal mixture as a flavouring.

After sampling Cone Head, Little Wolf, C.S.A. IPA, Bernie Weisse and Choice Make Good — we met a wonderful couple from New Hampshire who were originally from New Jersey — I have to say I don’t get the enthusiasm for Heady Topper.

Yes, Heady Topper is great. We enjoyed the can we had at Pascolo Ristorante. But from my perspective, Zero Gravity Cone Head is better. And it also more available. No need to line up outside some package store waiting in the heat for the “hope” of buying a single case.

We bought a six pack of Cone Head to bring back with us to New Jersey. We would have bought more but we did not have any more space in the cooler.

Vermont has excellent breweries and excellent beer. Try them all.

So there I said it. I think Heady Topper is all hype.


  1. Name: Bright Ideas Brewing
    Location: North Adams, Massachusetts
    Recommended Beer: Bright IPA
    Notes: Located in the MASS MoCA courtyard. Taproom open for pints, flights, growler fills, merchandise and crowlers to go. Outdoor seating in the summer. Outside food allowed. Parking is on the street or a nearby deck.
    My wife and I were in Vermont twice this summer. Once to drop our daughter Kiran off at Sky Meadow Retreat for a wilderness camp and again to pick her up. We visited Burlington on our first trip and Bennington on the return trip. We also decided we would use the opportunity to do some college touring with our son Shaan at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts so booked a room in North Adams, Massachusetts with the intention of touring the college campus the next day.
    On the drive to North Adams, we stopped and had dinner and sample the ale at Madison Brewing Company in Bennington, Vermont. Bhavana and I sampled one ale each. I had the JU-C Double IPA which the brewery describes as a “super juicy, super smooth Double IPA utilizing Mandarina Bavaria hops and Summit for a distinct orange hop presence and finished off with delicious blood orange juice”. I was expecting more of a fruit forward ale similar to what would be found in a West Coast Style IPA. I think the citrus flavours were too subdued.
    On our way out of Bennington, we stopped at a beer retailer and picked up some more Vermont beer to bring back to New Jersey. We enjoyed the Cone Head by Zero Gravity Brewing on our visit to Burlington, so we bought two six packs of Cone Head, a four pack of Tribute by 14th Star Brewing Company, a four pack of Nawch Hoppa Double IPA and Limited Access by Rock Art Brewery. We would have bought more Vermont ales back with us but we did not have any more space in the small cooler.
    North Adam is just 30 minutes from Bennington so once we were checked into the hotel, it was still early. We left the kids to watch Steven Universe and we took the opportunity to visit downtown, North Adams. Bhavana had a chat with the bartender at the hotel restaurant and discovered that our hotel was walking distance from a beer garden at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA).
    We had a pleasant walk over to Bright Ideas Brewing while enjoying the art painted on support poles of the overpass. We were at the brewery until closing. We chatted with a wonderful bartender couple (the place was quite busy so our conversations were sporadic) while sampling (2 ounce pours) every ale in the brewery. The gentleman bartender is from Connecticut and his wife is Australian. Before we left, we purchased two crawlers — canned growlers — one of the Bright IPA and the other of Bright Wheat. I enjoyed watching the canning process. The Bright Wheat has lemongrass and blood orange.
    Vermont has excellent breweries and excellent beer. Try them all.

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