Writing Vs. Blogging

“Hitting “publish” may make someone a blogger, but it doesn’t always make him or her a writer, per se.

If the content is sloppy, if it wanders, if it plays loose with the facts, if opinions are ill-formed, if observations and details are lazy and bland, if nothing is really said, if the reader leaves feeling empty, is that writing? From “Taking the Art of Writing Too Casually” by Dan Langendorf

I agree with Dan. A lot of writing I have encountered on the web has been shallow. I'm guilty of low quality myself. It's too easy to toss-up a few malformed sentences and hit publish. I've never felt comfortable calling myself a writer. Not because I wasn't being paid to write or because I have not published a book. But because I've never felt my craft, my art of writing was of the best quality. I think quality is the difference between blogging and writing.

In the over 9 years that I've written on this blog, I've written some garbage and some real gems (in my opinion). I can tell when the quality of the writing is lacking. I can feel it. But yet, I'll hit publish anyway. My goal in 2015 is to write more quality posts more consistently.

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Author:Khürt Williams

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