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All This Rum! A New Tiki Bar Cocktail (Williams-Sonoma Taste)
This post comes to us courtesy of writer and mixologist Warren Bobrow. Ever since I sat as a Rum Judge at the 2010 Ministry of Rum tasting competition in San Francisco, the whole direction of my spirits-writing career has changed. I used to only write about wine. Then a flash went off: wine ...
This man, Warren Bobrow knows what he is talking about.

Rum is a spirit woven from history. Flavors exist within rums that don’t reveal themselves in other lighter-coloured liquors. I’m a fan of rums aged in used wooden casks that formerly held bourbon or cognac. The caramelized notes of smoke, butter and bittersweet chocolate reveal themselves beautifully with the white flower aromas of freshly crushed cane sugar.

I’m from the Anglophone Caribbean. I grew up with rum shops and run ponche. My grandfather owned one of these rum shops where hard-working fishermen would gather at the end of the day to socialize and play dominoes. It’s the West Indian version of a sports bar.

I had forgotten about rum until Warren re-introduced me to it. Over the summer I’ve been experimenting with various cocktails including the mojito and the ti punch. To ensure I did things right I ordered – and grew – Cuban mojito mint from Florida. I don’t know if I’ve been sold a bill of goods but the mojitos are delicious.

Thanks, Warren.

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