Winter Snow Storm II

The week brought more snow, and Bhavna, seizing the opportunity, took the kids out for a fun sledging adventure in our backyard. Kiran, typically hesitant with new activities, embraced sledging with surprising enthusiasm. Seeing her laughing and enjoying the snow was more satisfying than ever. On the other hand, Shaan lived up to his reputation as Mr. Frost, showing his usual calm composure and skill in navigating the snowy slopes. Their delightful screams and laughter filled the air, creating a perfect, memorable winter day for the family.

I love this! —Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 9.3 mm, f/8.0, ISO100
Frosty the Snowman Number 2 —Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 9.3 mm, f/8.0, ISO100

Author:Khürt Williams

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