Why the Web is broken by an author (Donald Mcintosh)

With so much to amuse us and enrich our lives on the web, it can seem at least misguided to suggest it is flawed. And yet, it is fundamentally flawed in many ways. Our entrapment by global platform providers is growing. We are losing our content, losing control of our online-selves and the sticky power of these platforms is increasingly difficult to resist.

2 thoughts on “Why the Web is broken

  1. Without the PEOPLE who use the web it won't function.
    People will follow like sheep.
    As long as people, in the form of consumers, want stuff done for them there is an opening for A N Other to step in and deliver. In a capitalist society there follows the tendency to want to make profit. The more the global providers can deliver and entice people, the stronger they get.
    So my view is that the state of the web is a direct result of the wishes of the people who are the consumers of the web.
    How do you manage that in a free, capitalist society? Who knows.
    That's the dirty underbelly of capitalism showing, though we haven't yet seen a better system.

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