Photo Mar 09, 12 10 47 PM
PMUG President Alan Fox. Photo Mar 09, 12 10 47 PM

Where are we headed?

At last night’s Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group (PMUG) general meeting, our President, Alan Fox, asked the membership to think about the “post-PC” era and what that means for our group. Alan noted that a newer generation of users are coming into the Apple family, not through their love of the Macintosh, but from their experience with Apple’s mobile products – the iPhone and the iPad.  Alan believes that our group needs a name change; that we need to drop the M and replace it with an A for Apple.

[PMUG was formed out of the Princeton Apple Users’ Group](

As former PMUG President Phillip Thompson wrote in the 1993 issue of the Dialog:

As Apple IIs became more popular, I upgraded to a IIe and discovered that much better technical information was available at the non-University Princeton Apple User Group. When the Macintosh came along, however, this group didn’t want to have anything to do with them, so the proud new Mac owners—almost entirely those connected with the Princeton University who could get early delivery and reduced price through the Apple University Consortium (AUC)—were on their own.Philip Thompson, PMUG President (retired)

Eventually, Phil, Dania Stager-Snow, Dr. Harvey Lam and Dave Dougherty started an informal group. Dave Dougherty became the first president of what soon took the name of Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group.

Allan’s statements started an intense discussion within the group with the majority voting to keep the name as is.

Photo Mar 09, 12 10 47 PM
PMUG President Alan Fox.
Photo Mar 09, 12 10 47 PM

Our speaker, Douglas Dixon, told us about some of the cool gadgets he saw the this years Consumer Electronic Show (CES).  Doug made it a point of telling us that he saw at least 17 new tablet computers at the show and asked us where he thought computing was going.   I think it’s only a matter of time before the Mac becomes less a part of what we are about as a group and becomes more about the iPad.

Doug Dixon
Mar 09, 12 12 13 PM