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When the skies are cloudy all day

Seems some of my friends in the diabetes community have been feeling a bit "low" lately ( yes pun intended ).  Bernard has been feeling tired and down on himself while Allison has had trouble making Lemonade ( what's with the puns! ).  Yeah.  I've been there.  Not recently.  But on occasion, I have felt not quite with it.  Sometimes it's because I can't eat what I want when I want.  Or sometimes I  just hate having to take another finger stick.  I get sad and pissed off that I did nothing to deserve this.  They very same hyperactive immune system that kept me from getting sick when all around me people were succumbing to the flu or some other bug that was going around, is the same immune system that is slowly wiping out my insulin-producing cells.  Well, not today.  Today, right now, I am taking the kids to Tae Kwan Doe.

One thought on “When the skies are cloudy all day”

  1. Tae Kwan Doe sounds energetic and fun.

    Maybe it is just the season. I'm waiting for things to lift, but it's slow going. My wife wonders whether the blogging and focus on trying to improve control so much is partly to blame. I suspect it's making me more aware of how ticked off I am with this disease. I'm hoping things will be less bleak before too long.

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