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When all else fails…

Last weekend, I attended a photo meetup in the Newport area of Jersey City hosted by John Bodensiek. The weather was cold but dry. We met outside at the Starbucks next to the Newport PATH station. I had everything all set – two SD cards, two tripods, a zoom and prime lens, lens cleaner and …. I forgot the battery for the Nikon D40 in the charger at home.  Argh! I used the only other camera I had with me – a Sony HDR-CX7.  The Sony is an HD video camera with a 6MP image sensor and VERY limited manual settings. Despite the cold, with John’s excellent direction I was still able to get some decent shots.  At least until the lights went down.

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Midtown by Khürt, on Flickr
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  1. Khürt, my heart goes out to you. I know you were probably looking forward to this photo meetup, had great gear with you, and something like leaving a battery in the charger at home happens to you. I have had an EMPTY battery, and leaving my CF card in the reader at home happen to me on two occasions. It is great you had a backup!

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