Writer and photographer C.J. Chilvers describes why he started his photography realted blog,  A Lesser Photographer, over a year ago.

An entire generation is being led to believe that the features on their cameras are more important than the photos they produce.

This is a blog for the rest of us; for the ones not interested in what’s marketable, but what’s remarkable. In other words, it’s a place for what the arrogant in our hobby would deem “lesser photographers.”

I’ve been guilty in the past of focusing more on the technical side of photography.  I still do. I would talk about megapixels and lenses and sensor size as though just having the right equipment would help me produce better results.  It didn’t.

Starting sometime late last year, I decided that none of that was making my photography more compelling – to me. I was not enjoying my hobby as much. I had forgotten that what had brought me to photography was capturing images for my own enjoyment.  Not for sale.  Not to impress other people.  Just for me.

I wanted to bring the joy back to my hobby.   That’s one reason I started a 365 project this year.  I wanted to experience the wonder – and the personal challenge – of seeing how well I could capture the experience that was before my eyes.  I wanted to make my photography compelling again.  At least to me.