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Week 9 – Good enough

Week 9   Good enough 20120227 NIKON D40 6602 HDR 920x611

I had the OS X twitter app in the background and saw this tweet from [Nuwomb]( while I was editing and choosing a photo for my weekly upload for Project 52. I usually have a story to go with my photos. I want readers to understand why I chose the photo for sharing but I also want to share a bit of myself and what’s on my mind — in the moment. Scott’s tweet got me thinking about the amount of time I was spending choosing the “perfect” photo from the set I took this week. I realized that perhaps what I already had done was [good enough]( Perhaps I was working too hard to get things just right. Perhaps I was trying to hard to impress and I was missing the point of sharing my images on the web. So I stared at that tweet for an almost a minute and then went back to Lightroom and chose the photo that spoke to *me*.

The person in the photo is a student, [+Stephen Weber]( who is interning with our department. We had a few cloud-free sunny days this past week and we felt encouraged to take out cameras out and get some exercise as well. We strolled along the trail behind the mall leading from our office building up to the Panera Bread. I wanted a photo of the seating area for an attempt at a HDR but Stephen stepped into the frame just as I was clicking away. I think this photo is better than what I had in mind.

Week 9   Good enough %name

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